Coaching Strategy - All Types

Executive, Life, Business or Weight Management

What is Coaching?
Guidance, support, questions, listening, partner, plan, mentor, inspire, hold accountable, build connections. You are expected to actively participate and work from a place of truth. All session are confidential unless otherwise agreed. Sessions are offered in person and online. Online sessions can be recorded for your future use and reference.

Who We Are?
We only hire those that are passionate about what they do. Our team are all highly qualified with a passion for their work.  We are specialists in our field, with many years experience and an unsurpassed dedication to our work and you.
Our unconventional coaching approach is provocative and engaging. We’re not about blaming and shaming; we’re about honest and authentic conversations. Telling us what you think we want to hear won’t work.

Our Coaching Methodology
We love helping people improve. We are passionate about people and leadership development. Our coaching concepts are not to blame or shame; it’s meant to incite a reaction; to get you self-reflecting and, when ready, be willing to hold the mirror and look inside.

In some instances, some are not ready or willing to hold the mirror. Instead, they blame the messenger. When deflection happens, and we’ve seen it before; nothing changes. Engage with a coach to help lessen the feelings of shame and self-depreciation and learn how to lean into and own these feelings. As the deflection becomes the reflection, and you are ready to stop shooting the messenger and make a real investment and commitment to helping you and your organisation for the better, this is when the work begins. And there will be homework.

However, YOU have to be ready and willing to actively participate – helping you develop is all about you. Keep that in mind. 

Send us a note if you’re interested in any type of coaching package.

We support many types of coaching:

  • Life
  • Personal
  • Business
  • Executive
  • Career
  • YOU – Weight Management
  • Self-Awarenesss
  • Relationships

The Unshittify Your Life Plan


Coaching is a misunderstood industry.   
We are people who have experienced a variety of life’s highs and lows, just like you. We also have a passion for helping people!


A competent coach asks the right questions, which helps you to uncover the answers.   Most will already have the answers. Coaches do not give advice or tell you what to do.


Combine self-reflective and thought-provoking questions to help you unravel the clues.  We help you figure it out.  Life is hard sometimes, asking for help is a sign of stength.


We get knocked down and struggle to get back up.   Then, we beat ourselves up for the struggle, and the cycle continues.   Did you know that this way of thinking is a chosen learned behaviour?  Start taking ownership of all aspects of your life.

Learned Behaviours

Being stuck in rut produces the same repetitive outputs.  Did you also know that all learned behaviours can be unlearned?   Sounds easy, right?  If it was you’d have already done it.   We help you get back on track and back to living your best life!


Improved Communications, Frequency Alignment, Remove Saboteur Behaviour, Ownership of Negative Thinking, Live and Work from Kindness – all starts with becoming more Self-Aware.

Are you ready to Unshittify?

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