"Mark shares his gift of seeing opportunity in adversity by focusing on simple honest truths that build confidence.beovercome, while respecting the individual's need to forge a personalized plan for success.  Open, personable and wise, I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit from Mark's services."

Glen C. Technical Consultant / Supervisor, Ottawa, Canada

"I have known Mark for over 10 years, we first met when he was my manager at a company where we both worked. My role required me to work with a large number of people from different departments and in different countries. I struggled with how to effectively convince such a diverse group that what I was working on was important and how it could be to them as well. Mark's patient coaching gave me the confidence and tools that I still use. His support was always positive and non-judgmental. He helped me to find realistic solutions that worked."

Carrie W. Colorado Springs,United States

"I had the pleasure of working with Mark at a major Telecom and I was initially impressed with his Leadership, Recruiting skills and professional demeanor whenever I engaged him. He consistently demonstrated fairness, understanding and a passionate approach to consulting in his work as well as his approach to life. I found Mark to be reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. His ability to identify and assessones skills and understanding of approach with customers is unparalleled and it is because of his excellence in everything he did, that I repeatedly asked him for guidance and feedback. His unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations while maintaining professionalism and follow-through. One of the nicest guys you will ever work with, Mark always took the time to listen, even when it was nothing to do with work. I would gladly welcome and work with Mark again, should ever our paths cross in business."

Tim T. CSMII, Client Advocate Team, Client Service & Escalation Management, Toronto, Canada


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