Effective leadership skills including self-awareness, how you brand yourself and your ability to effectively deliver feedback. Is your leadership development focused in these areas? 

Confessions From a Reformed Shitty Leader

A One Day Self-Awareness Workshop

There is a global pandemic of shitty leadership and it’s time for radical change.

As we attempt a new normal, and the ongoing impacts of The Great Resignation of 2021, effective and supportive leadership is crucial to your business.  If we don’t start protecting and prioritizing our staff’s well-being, work life balance and relationships, more resignations will come, because we all know when staff emotionally quit their job, it’s usually due to their direct boss!   
Your staff don’t quit their job, they quit YOU!  

Shitty Leaders are NOT sh!tty people; and the learners will uncover their level of shitty leadership behaviours directly from a reformed shitty leader, and the impacts these behaviours have on their work and personal life.


  • An opportunity for the learner to actively participate in exercises and group discussions where they self-reflect on their current leadership behaviours and self-awareness skills.
  • An opportunity for you to look inside and learn more about who you are, how you think, why you feel about certain things the way you do, and how all of this either enables or disables your ability to lead and/or live your best life.
  • An opportunity for overthinkers to stop overthinking, for those currently lacking motivation to find their passions and for those who may feel lost, to feel found. 


  • Any current leader
  • Any new leader
  • Anyone interested in becoming a leader
  • Anyone interested in challenging themselves to do better in all life aspects


  • About themselves
  • About how to truly individualize their leadership approach
  • How to stop needing to be “right”
  • How to lead and live through kindness by finding their frequency and authentic self
  • That vulnerability is a strength 

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Confessions of a reformed shitty leader - modules

What is Self-Awareness

Your Journey, What is a Shitty Leader? Active Leadership, Frequency, Choice

The HOW of Self-Awareness

Your Triggers
Feelings & Perception Leadership
Frequency Matrix


Effective Communications & Engagement 
Identifying Who You Are 

Effective Feedback Delivery

The purpose of feedback – non-shitty leader style 
The Two Questions
Individualised Coaching

Putting It All Together

Learn Mark’s 5-step Antidote that eradicates Shitty Leadership in your company 
The Great Resignation Avoidance

Link Culture & ROI

Active and effective leaders build a corporate culture that allows people to be themselves.   When they feel valued and worthy, they work smarter 

More Details

The Shitty Leadership Series

These books will help guide you through your journey of self-discovery to be the best version of you, at home and work. No more excuses, just live! 

Lasting Change

Raise the caliber of your skills by focusing on bold and authentic engagements, honest feedback and self-awareness.  Watch what happens!

Mark's 7-Step Strategy

This table is Mark’s 7-step coaching and consulting strategy and the chapters contained in book three. Mark originally developed this plan for his consulting practice, helping companies better understand how to create a more aligned people enablement strategy. Then, as book three began to emerge, Mark saw the links that the professional stream had on a personal lens. Each chapter alternates between the professional and personal streams, so you gain insights into where your shitty behaviours may be contributing towards counter-productive outcomes in all areas of your life

Even if you’re not in a leadership role professionally, you are always leading yourself, and this seems to be an area many take for granted or forget.

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